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CIM Maxima 861 Embosser

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Sprzedam Embosser CIM Maxima 861 do personalizacji kart plastikowych / kredytowych. Stan bardzo dobry..

Available Options Infill device in front version (font OCR B1) or in rear (font OCR A1 or MasterCard). LCD off line editing. Auxiliary printer port. Chip contact initializing.
Built-in Tipper Unit Off-line tipping possibility (11 lines), Ribbon saving feature.
Communication Interface Serial RS232 port.
Drum Capacity Drum capacity: 60/80/105 characters, embossing and/or infill.
Input Hopper Capacity 200 cards. Pre-embossed card feed feature..
Magnetic Encoding 3 Tracks ISO 7811, LoCo-MeCo/HiCo.
Software Windows based application software. Firmware: self diagnostic, selectable automatic repeat card, pre-encoded card reading with full post processing of the same card, resettable and non resettable counters. System status and diagnostic messages reported on PC.
Physical Dimensions: 745 x 485 x 290 mm x 54 kg, (29.25" x 19" x 11.50" x 120 lbs).

Kontakt: Tel. 602798415

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  • Dodano: 2019-09-10
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